3D printed Battle of River Plate (1:2400) (1:1800)

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3D printed Battle of River Plate (1:2400) (1:1800)

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Designed for use with any miniature wargame rules. I (MagpieDesigner) have designed and printed these model myself. I only have a limited stock before needing to print more so please treat as a print on demand service. If there is likely to be a significant delay I will contact you and offer a refund.


The model is printed in resin and is unpainted.

Please note the colour of the model may vary from that shown in the pictures.


These ships are scaled at 1:2400 but are also available in 1:1800 (or custom scale).


The model is made from resin and will break if mishandled. The finer detail such as the mast are particularly vulnerable and care will need to be taken when storing.

What you get

• One unpainted resin model of each of the four ships that took part in the battle

Graf Spee

HMS Exeter

HMS Ajax

HMS Achillies

• Four unpainted resin nameplate

• Four unpainted, untextured, 1mm thick plastic base

HMS Cumberland
If Graf Spee had decided to come out of Montevideo and fight it out HMS Cumberland would have been there to help out the Brits. This option allows you to try out that hypothetical battle. It adds HMS Cumberland (the black picture) to the ships in the pack.

Ship model

The model needs to be carefully washed in soapy water before undercoating (I use a few coats of Vallejo air grey primer). I recommend using a thin undercoat so as to not fill in the details. You will need to apply two or three coats rather than one thick one. Once that is done I find acrylic paint (I use Vallejo paints) takes very well. I recommend using an epoxy glue or superglue.


I have left the base separate and untextured so you can decide if you want to use it. One side is smooth the other rough, its up to you to which you use. If you require it to be thicker you can easily do this by gluing a thicker base to it. I suggest using foamboard then cutting to your required angle. It can be texture with a DIY ready mix filler. I put a thin layer on the base then slide the model (around 5mm) into position creating a bit of a bow wake. Once it goes slightly tacky (two or three minutes) use a coarse brush or cocktail stick to drag a few ‘waves’ into the surface.

If you decide to use the name plate press them into the surface before it drys.

Name plate

This is optional.

The letters are depressed into the surface. To paint it use a thickish paint and brush over the top.

Postage for multiple items

If you can't get the basket to list the item that you want contact me at:


and I will work out a combined total for you.

Postage to USA

The cost of posting to USA from UK has risen dramatically. It varies according to weight AND value. If it works out at less than I've listed (£20) I will refund the difference.

If you want a specific combination of items sending to USA please contact me (see above) and I'll will let you know how much it would cost.

Images are of 1:1800 scale version, scale comparison pictures are of HMS Ajax

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3D printed models of Graf Spee, Exeter, Ajax and Achillies